All About Side Bets

Blackjack is one of the most popular games, with many different strategies available to the players. Every blackjack player knows that they have the option of a side bet during the game. Learn all about the side bet basics below.

What Is a Side Bet?

A side bet means that a player is able to back and lay other blackjack players, as well as choose a particular hand(s) that could get blackjack. Players can also put bets on the dealer. Typically, players will back other players to win. This involves putting down several times their primary stakes where the player must follow the appeared progression until the showdown.

Online Side Betting

Blackjack players find many different variations of side bets online. The best side bets include betting on a certain hand winning, backing a dealer and betting on the uniqueness of the dealt cards. Online casinos offer players to bet the hand closest to blackjack or progressive jackpot for catching 777. Playing casino games without download has been on the rise. The CasinoNinjaz website offers no download games via the site link - Be sure to explore the site in your spare time. There's plenty of reviews and promotions on the site. A player is also free to bet on any number shown among the dealt cards whether those cards are suited or paired.

Royal Match

The Royal Match, which is popular in Chicago, is based on the first 2 cards dealt to the blackjack player. If a player has a suited card in his hand, such as a 5 of hearts and a queen, the player gets 5 to 2 odds. If the player gets a royal match of a king and a queen, the odds are 25 to 1.

Side betting is popular both online and in real casinos. If you play blackjack, you have the option of side betting. Try it out the next time you hit the table for an increased chance of winning!