History and Gambling Laws for Online Casino Francais

Online casinos have become more and more popular over the years as high-speed internet has spread. In many cases, online casinos are more attractive to gamblers than traditional casinos. This is the case in France as well. Online casino Francais have only been legal since May 2010, when the French Gambling Act was approved. At the time, the government set up the ARJEL, an official body, to regulate the industry. In the first month following the approval of the act, casinos applied for more than 1.2 million licenses. One reason why they are so attractive is related to the bonuses offered to new signups, while the online casinos offer other promotions to existing members. VIP clubs are also available on many of these websites, giving their members more bonuses and benefits. Players are most interested in playing Poker, Roulette, Blackjack and Slots. There are other games that are very attractive to gamblers as well, like Video Poker.

There are 3 different licenses that casinos can apply for under the law, which include Horseracing, Sports Betting and Poker. Licenses aren't provided by the government for Betting Exchange and Spread Betting, as it believes these gambling activities are too addictive. Poker, however, was made legal because players can use skill and different strategies to win. While lawmakers have put these restrictions on online casino Francais, they aren't the only regulations. Your casino jackpot record can be improved. Take the lesson from the experts in the field. They have written about the best techniques for achieving opimal results. Those techniques have been shared at Mahjong Rouge site. The government has also placed a 7.5% tax on Horseracing and Sports Betting, as well as a 2% tax on Poker. There is also an effective 8.5% levy on Sports Betting, while players can only get a return of 85% on their wagers. These limitations have been applied to gambling to make the activity less addictive. It's the government's aim to protect players. This has given France one of the most regulated online casino markets in the world.